Every Slackline Set Includes a Training Guide!

For now only in Slovenian and Croatian language.

Slackline trening

We usually take the skills we need for slacklining (such as balance, responsiveness, walking technique and concentration) for granted but they become less obvious as soon as we step on a wobbly piece of webbing and only few people really get the hang of it. Gradually we can all acquire these skills but it takes several years to really understand balance, how to stabilize a 100m line with a 3m sag, how to walk above the water or how to stand up on a highline.

Because Balansa also offers learning courses, we decided to include in all slackline sets also a training guide for balance, stabilisation and concentration – in short, a Slacklining Guide. It describes theoretical principles, practical exercises and tips on training these skills so you can always add some excitement to your time spent on a slackline. Because your attention will be devoted to main aspects of the sport, you will undoubtedly learn more than just walking on a slackline.

Part I of the Guide explains the basics on the first 18 pages and is included with the beginner slackline set (17m Easy Rider) and all the other sets because knowing the foundations is of key importance also for more advanced challenges. It explains what is proprioception or body awareness, how the centre of gravity changes, stabilisation basics, standing up to the basic position, maintaining balance, the importance of correct breathing, and several basic tricks, such as turning.

Part II of the Guide is included in all advanced slackline sets, spans 30 pages and describes the advanced slacklining technique. It covers more challenging exercises to help you become fully aware of how the point of equilibrium changes, increase control of webbing’s vibration, strengthen your focus and calm down the battle with your mind. As a result, you will be able to tackle advanced forms of slacklining (waterlining, longlining and highlining) faster and more accurately.
The guide also introduces more difficult manoeuvres, such as various techniques of standing up from a sitting position, surfing and advanced falling.